This page is dedicated to all the happenings at Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary where I do a full music program. I teach all the kids in the school, from K-5th grade all about music. I do around 40 classes per week. Teaching and developing this program has been a great joy, something I have always wanted to do. 

The music program at Joli Ann Leichtag is sponsored by The Museum of Making Music. 
The museum is located in Carlsbad CA. They do some amazing things to help promote making music, if you have not been to the museum you should go, it's incredible!
Without them our program would not exsist. Special thanks to Jillian Jepson & Carolyn Grant.
For more info on the museum and all the great stuff they have going on, check out their web site.

 Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary
2011/ 2012

Thanksgiving Song 2011

ON Ensemble 2

ON Ensemble 4

ON Ensemble 6