Current Projects 

Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary
I am currently running a full music program at Joli Ann. The curriculum is based on my Monkey Beats book. The program has grown from there and encompasses lots of music fundamentals. I am very excited about this program and the progress we have made. Seeing the kids go from not knowing anything about music to reading and writing rhythms is an amazing feeling. This is the kind of program I have always wanted to run. 

The way the program is set up is the K through 2nd graders learn basic rhythms from my Monkey Beats book. We play them on small Djembes and we apply them to all kind of things, everything from dancing to doing a Stomp type thing using trash cans and brooms. THE KIDS LOVE IT!!  The 3rd graders get their own recorders. They love learning different notes and progressing into playing songs. The 4th graders get to play Ukuleles. They learn single note songs and some basic chords. The 5th graders get to play guitars. Yes we have 35 guitars for the kids and hearing them all play Smoke on The Water is quite a kick. 

Artistry in Music
Last year I started working with Artistry In Music. I am the percussion coach for the Begining Band, Advanced Band and Jazz Band. I had a great time working with the kids last year. It was really great to teach in that environment. Up until last year I had been mostly teaching private lessons, it was really great to get that group vibe going. The staff at Artistry is fantastic, Mickey Janelli (The Boss) and Steve Ebner and all the other teachers are just fantastic, really a joy to work with. It is a great program and I am very happy to be a part of it. Percussion Coaching
A sideline to teaching at Artistry in Music is I am working with several of the band directors from north county middle schools. This has lead me to being the percussion coach at some of those schools. Last year, in addition to teaching at Joil Ann and Artistry in Music I was the coach at Oak Crest Middle School and Diegueno Middle school. It was fun and challenging working with the kids at the middle school level. Kind of brought me back to when I was a youngster in band, and all the crazy stuff we did. This coming year I am going to be coaching at Carmel Valley Middle School and hopefully will be teaching at Oak Crest and Diegueno also.

Dynamic Duos!!!
I guess the Duo thing is all the rage....

Taryn Donath Phil Rowley Duo
Taryn and I have been playing around town quite a bit as a duo. It has been very interesting seeing this project grow. We now have several instrumentals that we have written. I am incorporating the Guitar into our shows which has been quite a challenge for me. Taryn has been very open and supportive to doing some of my songs. I anxious to see where this all leads.

David Mosby Phil Rowley Duo
David and I have started working on an acoustic duo with him singing and me playing acoustic guitar. This is something I am VERY excited about. It has been a challenging and rewarding experience so far. I am looking forward to us playing around town soon. David is an amazing vocalist and hearing him sing those Country Blues songs is amazing.