About Phil

Name: Phil Rowley
Birthday: August 3rd
College: Musicians Institute PIT
Major: Music, Drum performance
Favorite Stick: Regal Tip 8A
My Guitar: Santa Cruz OM/PW
Favorite Book: Effortless Mastery
Favorite Movie: Rudy, Field of Dreams, Razors Edge
Favorite Food: Anything my wife makes!
Favorite Quote: Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, your right.

About Phil Rowley
I am a music teacher and freelance musician living in Vista California. I teach at Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary where I do about 40 classes per week. I am also the percussion coach for Artistry In Music, Diegueno, Oak Crest and Carmel Valley Middle Schools. I also teach private lessons. I play all over San Diego and L.A. and every where in between. I play between three and fifteen gigs a month, playing all kinds of music, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Musical Theatre you name it I'm there. I am available for gigs, recordings, production, workshops, please contact me if your interested in hiring me.