There is no talent, only determination. 
-Bob Brozman
Private Lessons
I am currently accepting private students in the Louisville Kentucky area. I teach Guitar, Clawhammer Banjo, Ukulele, Drums and Percussion. I have a studio at my house or I can come to you.

I teach a couple different workshops. 

The Roots Of American Music 
takes kids back to the 1800's when the first African people brought Gourd banjos with them from Africa. Kids will see how this developed into the modern banjo, as well as the guitar, and how this has influenced the modern music we hear today. The Roots of American Music assembly in very interactive, kids will get up and experience what it's like to play a real instrument. They will learn how to make several REAL instruments at home. They will trace the history from early African banjo music through Blues and Jazz and even learn how the Drumset evolved. This is a fun and very educational assembly. 

Monkey Beats
teaches kids how to read and PLAY music right away. Using rhythms from my book 'Monkey Beats' kids learn immediately how to read rhythms and play them. I also teach kids about music from all over the world, they will learn
  • Music Of Cuba
  • Music of Brazil
  • Music of Mexico & South America
  • How to read rhythms
  • How to make instruments
  • Music is a great way to express yourself
  • AND lots more!!!!
 About Lessons

I love to break things down for students so they are easy to understand and easy to grasp. My goal is to get you PLAYING right now!! I want you to walk out of the first lesson playing a song.

Lessons are set up on a weekly basis. Most students come once a week for a half hour. I can also do hour lessons or lessons by appointment.

I teach all styles and all levels beginner to advanced. I put an emphasis on fundamentals, but at the same time try to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for the student. I try to make it a “real world” environment, in other words put everything into action with a song. I have found this approach to be very beneficial to the student. Every lesson is basically a recording session.

If you have any questions regarding lessons please email me.



  • Ukulele in the classroom 1,2, & 3
  • Fretboard roadmaps

You will need a couple books to take lessons.
  • Alfred's Drum Method Book 1
  • Funky Primer
  • Groove Essential 1.0

There are lots of other books I use for teaching. It depends on the student and the direction you are going. Some of the other books I recommend are...
  • Stick Control
  • The Art Of Bop Drumming
  • Beyond Bop Drumming
  • The New Breed
  • Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer
  • Syncopation 
  • Time Functioning Patterns
  • The Funky Beat
  • The Code of Funk