Now I have seen it all.

My family and I took a little trip up to LA for a couple days. While we were there we were cruising around the farmers market and my wife and daughters wanted to go into this doll place called American Girl. Have you heard about this place? well they basically sell some dolls that look like real babies, VERY expensive babies. :) They don't just sell the dolls though, there is a whole line of clothing and books that go with them. You can have your doll look like it came from africa or like it rides horses or any number of different things, pretty wild how many different options there were. That was not the wildest part though, THEY HAD A BEAUTY SALON FOR YOUR DOLL! That's right, there were girls there doing the hair of DOLLS! I guess I ned to get out more often, I was blown away that people were paying to have their dols hair done. WOW! here is a pic of the salon. Peace.

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