New Blog

OK, so i tried blogging on my web site was a little too clunky so my wife suggested I try Blogger.  So, here goes. I am a music teacher in the San Diego California area. I teach at Joli Ann Leichtag Elementary as well as Oak Crest and Diegeno middle schools, I am also the percussion teacher for Artistry in Music which is a great after school band program. As of January 2011 I will be doing the music outreach for the oceanside CA museum on art. I did this program in 2009 but we lost funding. We now have some backing and are up and running. Seems that is the story of my life ...... are we gonna get funding? did the grant come through?  these are the words I hear in my sleep.

I am intending to document some of the funny things that go on as a music teacher. Like the other day in the middle of rehearsing a percussion piece i wrote with a group of 2nd graders, i look at the triangle player and he has the triangle beater up his nose  :}  you never know what your gonna see. I love it!!!

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