Music Outreach

Here's a very nice video about my music program. I want to thanks the Museum Of Making Music for their faith in sponsoring my program for the last seven years. 

Ukulele Choir

This is the first performance of the Rancho Bernardo Presbyterian Ukulele Choir. Lots of fun, hope you enjoy!

Marble Room

Taryn Donath and I recently played at The Marble Room. Here is a quick video of Samba De Santa Luz. Hope you like.  

Samba De Santa Luz

New Videos

 Here is a couple videos of Taryn Donath and I performing at a women's group. This was a really fun gig, great crowd, great food, lots of fun. The videos are not the greatest quality but i think you can get the idea. Taryn and I play all over SO Cal together as a duo. 

Make Your Mark

 The Story. The pastor at our church asked me to write a song about marking in your Bible for a series of sermons he is going to do. So, i wrote the song and this is the first rehearsal with my good friend and bass player Pete Harrison. This was done at Pete's studio (PH Pro Music) in escondido. It was shot on my iphone, I think it sounds pretty good for a phone recording. I am NOT a singer so please understand I am just singing so we know what we are doing. I hope you like.

New recordings up!!

New recordings of Big Mo' & Philly Joe. What your hearing right now (if your sound is turned up) is myself and David Mosby from a recent recording session. We recorded 9 tunes all together. Mostly to be used as a demo. We did a couple gospel tunes, What a Friend We Have In Jesus and Closer Walk With Thee, and we did a few Blues tunes as well. We had a great time great to hear David sing those old tunes. If you want to download them just click the download botton on the bottom of the screen by the music player download them for FREE. 

David Mosby Killin' it!

Here's great video of my good friend David Mosby singing the national anthem at the Lakers game. GO David!! David and I have been recording some tunes for our new acoustic project, Big Mo & Philly Joe. I will be posting those recordings very soon look for them. We will be doing our first acoustic gig on February 25th. Rock On!!


New Web Site!!

Hey all,

So I finally got around to revamping  my web site. I am very excited about the possibilities of my new site. I am hoping to do a lot more stuff through this site, selling my books, DVD's, keeping up to date on where I am doing performances or workshops. Please sign up on my email list so i can keep you in the loop of what's going on. I promise not to spam you  PR

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I recently I got to take a tour of the Taylor guitar factory. Pretty amazing to see how they make all those guitars. I think they said they make over 400 guitars A DAY at that factory WOW!!! that's a lot of guitars. It was a lot of fun taking the tour, got to play some very cool guitars. I still love my Santa Cruz guitar more than anything, but it's always fun to play some new instruments. Here is a pic from the tour.